Reliance Jio 5G: Mukesh Ambani said that they have successfully tested 5G Technology in india

Telecom Desk: Good news for mobile and internet users. Jio has successfully tested the 5G mobile network with the help of American company Qualcomm.

Reliance Jio has successfully tested its 5G technology in the US with US technology firm Qualcomm. The announcement was made at a virtual event at the U.S. military Diego. 

Reliance Jio 5g launch date in India

“We are developing 5G technology in conjunction with Qualcomm and Reliance’s subsidiary Radissys,” Matthew Oman, president of Reliance Jio, said at the Qualcomm event. So that this technology can be launched in India as soon as possible.

About three months ago, at a meeting of Reliance Industries on July 15, Reliance Jio’s Sarvesarva Mukesh Ambani announced the development of 5G technology. 

Dedicating the technology developed using indigenous equipment to the nation, Mukesh Ambani had said that as soon as the 5G spectrum becomes available.

Reliance Jio is ready for testing of 5G technology, and after successful testing of 5G technology, Reliance will now focus on exporting technology.


Spectrum for testing of 5G technology is not yet available in India. However, Reliance Jio’s 5G technology has been successfully tested in the US. 

Technology has performed well on all parameters. “We are developing a number of technologies in collaboration with Jio,” said Durga Malladi, Senior Vice President, Qualcomm.

Many countries have banned the Chinese company Huawei due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. Huawei is a Chinese company developing 5G technology. 

After successful testing of 5G technology, Reliance Jio can now replace the Chinese company worldwide.

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