RED Success Meet: After 15 years I understand who the competition is .. Ram who revealed the secret

RED is a movie directed by Kishore Thirumala with energetic star Ram as the hero. The film stars Ram in two different roles opposite Niveda Pethuraj, Malvika Sharma and Amrita Iyer. Released amidst huge expectations, the movie has been a success with its debut and is on the rise in terms of collections. Against this backdrop, the RED Success Meet was held today (Saturday) in Vizag. The audience listened to Ram’s speech and whistled during the ceremony hosted by Srimukhi.

Looking, looking, keeping nothing. Ram told the fans that he would return everything. “There was a bigger twist after the release of the film than the twists in the film. That is .. We thought about the audience response during the release of the movie. Mixed reviews came. We thought it was okay. Meanwhile the talk slowly changed into the evening and there was a twist. Called the hit movie. And the biggest twist after that is .. if you look at the collections are increasing day by day. This is what a suspense thriller with the twist means.

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We all worked very hard for this movie. Loved it so much. Captain of the team Kishore is the reason why the movie came out so well. Looking at Malavika says Tollywood New Crush. Srimukhi .. you are super. Because you control them all. Exactly 15 years ago at the same time of Sankranthi came ‘Devadas’ movie. I’m not always thinking about competition. But after 15 years I understood who the competition was .. it was you. From now on you .. me? Will show. Do you love me more or do I love you more on screen? Is no longer settled. I will not forget .. I will take the competition very seriously ” said Ram.
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Director Kishore Thirumala said .. ” Special thanks to all of you who made our film a success. To Vizag, I have a good affiliation. I come to Vizag not only for shooting but also for the script. All the good words that are part of the success of the film are written while sitting in front of this sea. The main character in RED Success is Hero Ram. “Thank you so much.”

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