Red Star-OL: when Garcia lets go in the middle of a match on Diomandé

Rudi Garcia was annoyed by Sinaly Diomandé’s game on Thursday night during OL’s narrow victory against Red Star in the Coupe de France (2-2 then 5-4 at the tabs). Viewers were able to hear the Rhone coach make a somewhat disparaging comparison with respect to his young player.

The small pleasures of the camera. During the sluggish victory of Olympique Lyonnais against Red Star (2-2 then 5-4 on penalties) in the round of 16 of the Coupe de France, Rudi Garcia was heard being particularly annoyed by a choice of Sinaly Diomandé. A video footage uploaded by Eurosport, broadcaster of the match.

We play the 34th minute at Stade Bauer. Olympique Lyonnais leads 1-0. On a recovery sequence, the Rhone defense spins the ball. In the absence of an audience in the Audonian enclosure, viewers can hear Rudi Garcia asking Marcelo and Mattia De Sciglio to make the opponent “run”, “again and again”.

He wanted Diomandé to pass the ball faster

Then Sinaly Diomandé inherits the leather. From his sidelines, Rudi Garcia yells to ask him to pass quickly to Melvin Bard. But the young Ivorian international, 19, does not obey. He takes a few strides with the ball, approaching the center line. That’s when the coach’s annoyance is heard in the stadium: “It sucks to wear like that, to look like Beckenbauer put ***”

Sinaly Diomandé ends up making the pass to his left side, but the damage is done. Viewers who had an attentive ear did not fail to react on social networks.

Launched into the professional world in 2019, Sinaly Diomandé played 26 games with OL in total. This season, Rudi Garcia started him nine times in the league. On the other hand, he has not yet found the net.


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