Red Star-OL: "A synthetic is not football", Garcia’s rant

Winner of the Red Star on penalties (2-2, 5 tab 4), OL qualified this Thursday evening for the quarter-finals of the Coupe de France. A (small) satisfaction for Rudi Garcia, who pointed after the meeting on the synthetic field of the Bauer stadium.

OL almost ruined everything, but OL qualified. After leading 2-0, then seeing the Red Star return to 2-2, the Rhone club finally had the National training on penalties (5 tab 4) this Thursday evening in the round of 16 of the Coupe de France, to get his ticket for the quarters.

“We are qualified, that’s what counts in the Cup, reacted Rudi Garcia after the meeting. On the other hand, when we lead 2-0, we are a top L1 and we play a National team, we have to kill the match. When we flout these opportunities, we are not immune to an opponent’s return… Now the main thing is to think of Sunday’s match against Angers, there is not much to add. “

“I’m glad I didn’t have any injuries”

If not, all the same, some criticisms on the playing conditions at the legendary Bauer stadium in Saint-Ouen. “This field does not allow you to play football, a synthetic field is not football, tackled Garcia. I was happy to see the Bauer stadium again, I love the Red Star, but let a round of 16 play. of Coupe de France on a synthetic, I think it is a lack of respect for the professionals who can get injured. The danger is not the synthetic in itself, but the fact of switching from grass to synthetic . I didn’t tell the players about it before the game, but I’m glad I didn’t have any injuries. “

Relaunched on Audonian folklore, and more particularly the green laser pointed from a neighboring building into the eyes of goalkeeper Julian Pollersbeck during the penalty shoot-out, Garcia preferred to smile. To put a layer back on the playing surface: “Soon the Red Star will have a new stadium, it’s a historic club, it deserves it. When you see the conditions in which they play all season, they are deserving. Again. more deserving of playing on a field with rubber balls … “


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