RED by SFR drops the price of its 100 and 200 GB mobile plans (limited time)

With the generalization of plans without commitment, it is very easy to change mobile plans when an interesting offer is emerging, especially when they are loaded with mobile data. We can say that we have enough GB on our current plan, the uses are more and more interesting for a large volume of data, whether for video or audio streaming or for new cloud gaming services that allow remotely play PC and console games. It is also the guarantee of having a good volume of data for connection sharing or for a tablet in cellular version. To multiply the gigas, follow this good plan on the mobile plan offered by RED by SFR for a limited time!

Mobile plan: RED by SFR offers exclusive offers during the BIG RED

RED by SFR is celebrating its BIG RED until April 21, and among the offers offered by the operator, we find falling prices on the 100 and 200 GB packages. The 100 GB package thus goes from 20 to 13 euros per month and the 200 GB package benefits from a reduction of 10 euros for 15 euros per month against 25 euros usually. In both cases, you have sufficient data volume to use your smartphone to the fullest to play, “binger” and work without restriction. The plans include unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. From Europe and the French overseas departments, you also benefit from 12 GB to use on the 100 GB package, and 15 GB on the 200 GB package. These are non-binding offers, and must be entered before April 21!

Take advantage of this good RED by SFR mobile plan plan

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