RED by SFR: 2 months free on the internet box with fiber (limited offer)

Fiber makes it possible to multiply the speed of Internet access for all the devices in your home, provided you have the right speeds. The RED by SFR box allows you to reach 1 GB in downlink speed and 500 GB in upstream speed with Internet at maximum speed, for all new digital uses. A very high speed Internet box allows you to download games of up to 50 or even 100 GB in a few minutes, watch series up to 4K, save all your personal data in the cloud, play online and even streaming with the least. latency possible, and work remotely with optimal comfort, especially for videoconferences. It’s time to take advantage of the limited offer on the RED by SFR internet box, with 2 months free.

The RED by SFR fiber internet box benefits from a limited offer!

The RED by SFR fiber internet box is currently benefiting, and still for a few days, from a limited edition promotion to grab. The THD box is available for 25 euros per month, with two months free, and two options that will allow you to use it to the maximum. The Debit Plus option gives you access to 1 GB downstream and 500 MB upstream instead of the usual 300 MB. SFR also offers you the Unlimited calling option. This includes all calls to mobiles in addition to calls to landlines in France and in more than 100 destinations. You still have a few days left to take advantage of this time-limited offer on the RED by SFR fiber Internet box, to surf and download at very high speed and to call your loved ones unlimited.


Take advantage of this good RED by SFR deal on the internet box

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