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‘Read later’ feature to replace archived chats of whatsapp

WhatsApp has been working on vacation mode for over a year. It was reportedly here and there, but WhatsApp has started testing about it again. WhatsApp is now working on a ‘later read’ feature with vacation mode, which will change the archive chat, and give the user more control over the chat.
WABetaInfo has spotted this feature of WhatsApp, reported to be on beta version at for iOS. Testing is also being done on WhatsApp’s Android app regarding the read letter feature. This new feature will not only replace the archived chat, but will also improve it.
Within this, when a chat is later transferred for reading, WhatsApp will not send notifications for that chat. This is believed to be the “vacation mode” which has actually been in the rumors for a long time. Currently if you have archived a chat and a new message arrives in the same chat then your chat comes out of the archive and comes back up.

In the read letter feature, an edit button will be provided to customize the settings. WhatsApp will allow users to select multiple chats at once so that they can be quickly unarchived. Users will also have the option to disable the vacation mode for the read letter. This means if you have selected a chat for read letter, then the new message will pop up on other chats.

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This is exactly how archive chats work right now. As long as vacation mode is enabled, users will not receive notifications for read letter chats. WhatsApp is testing this feature in Alpha Stage for both Android and iOS. WhatsApp beta users do not yet have access to it, but it is expected to roll out soon.


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