Ravi Teja is having a fuss with the apsara rani in the pub! Lightning

We are going to see Varma heroine Apsara Rani Rachcha in Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja’s latest movie ‘Crack’. Ravi Teja is currently stepping aggressively with the Apsara queen in the pub.

In the movie ‘Thriller’ created by Ram Gopal Varma, Ravi Teja is having an onscreen romance with Apsara Rani, who is hot with all the beauties.

Ravi Teja- Apsara Rani is going to be provoked and spilled in the item song in his latest movie ‘Crack’.

ravi teja apsara rani

Anxiety among Mass Maharaj fans started when the crack unit officially announced this. Mass audiences are curious to see Ravi Teja bustle with hot beauty beauties.

The makers shared a pic for the shoot saying that they are shooting an item song all over the floors in the movie Crack, in which the Apsara Rani beauties will go crazy. Yama looks smart with Ravi Teja in a short gown and black jacket in the pub.

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Netizens are commenting that it is certain that theaters will be overwhelmed with the steps taken by Apsara with Ravi Teja after seeing this look that is selling like hotcakes.

Whether it is a Varma thriller movie or not Apsara Rani who has shaken up social media with hot photos is doing an item song like this for the first time.

Mass is provoking Maharaj on the fast beat offered by Thaman. Soon these two mass performances will shake the silver screen. With this, the movie ‘Crack’ got hype all at once.


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