Rare case: innocent in the face of death from Corona, father saved life by giving gut

A rare problem caused by a corona infection caused a 10-year-old child to rot in the small intestine. After the intestines completely decayed, the child’s father became the donor and 200 cm of his small intestine was transplanted into the child. The condition of the child is now much better and for the first time in the last 3 months he has eaten dal-rice.

Doctors at Jupiter Hospital, who treated Om Ghule (10), claimed that he was the first pediatrician in the world to be transplanted to living donor small intestine after a Kovid infection. The child underwent 4 surgeries during 3 months and had to travel to three cities. The child was treated at hospitals in Pune and Thane. According to doctors, this case has revealed the severity of corona factor SARS-CoV-2.

In the month of August, nobody had any idea that Om was in the stomach due to clotting after Kovid. On August 8, parents took him to a private hospital in Panvel. The investigation revealed clotting and rot problems in the small intestine. He underwent an operation there. After this, on 28 August, the child was transferred to Jupiter Hospital in Thane.


He underwent his third and fourth operation here. Transplant surgeon Gaurav Chaubal said that an operation was done to prevent intestinal infection. After this, the child was fed with the help of special ports fitted around the neck. Due to non-receipt of donor for three months, his problem started increasing. His liver started getting damaged.

On 4 November, the child was transferred to Jupiter Hospital in Pune, who had a license to transplant small intestines. On November 5, the operation lasted for 10 hours, in which the father’s part of the intestine was transplanted into the child. According to doctors Om will start living a normal life after some time.



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