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Random sampling will now be done in Faridabad as well, alert after rising corona case in Delhi


  • Administration started preparations in view of increase in Corona cases
  • Director Health said this in a meeting with health officials
  • Preparations are being done in the district in view of the increasing cases of Corona in Delhi

Corona cases are increasing rapidly in Delhi. Due to which the corona investigation is being done by random sampling of people coming from Delhi in Noida. Random sampling is also being planned in Faridabad. Director Health VK Bansal, who reached a meeting with officials at BK Hospital on Thursday, said this. He also said to increase sampling in view of the increasing cases of corona in the district.

VK Bansal said that corona patients are increasing rapidly in Delhi. It is also having its effect in Gurgaon and Faridabad. The number of patients is also increasing here. We have a large number of rapid antigen test kits available in Faridabad. Like Noida, instructions have been given from civil surgeon for random sampling in Faridabad. Random sampling will soon be started at the naks and other places adjoining Delhi. He said that it is necessary to increase sampling to detect the infected as soon as possible. There are many people who do not show any symptoms of corona, but upon investigation they are found infected. Such people can spread the infection. Sampling is extremely important to identify such people. More than 2 thousand samples are being taken daily in Faridabad. Sampling will be increased in the coming days. Also, contact tracing will be extended so that the chain of infection can be broken by identifying the infected as soon as possible. The sooner the tests are done, the sooner we can detect the infection and prevent the infection from spreading. He said that tieups have also been done with private hospitals. Beds are being taken from them according to the need. Soon labs will also be established in the district, which will increase the testing significantly.

People need to be alert
VK Bansal said that it is very important to use masks and maintain two yards to protect against corona. That’s why people take special care of these things. Avoid visiting over crowded places. Even if you go, definitely wear a mask. He said that elderly people, patients with sugar, TB, cancer, kidney and BP, need to be more vigilant. These people get the infection early and the chances of death are also high. However, the death rate in Haryana is less than one percent. Among those who died, there were more people who had other diseases. Therefore, already sick people need to be more vigilant. People with cough, cold and fever must get their test done. Do not think that the disease will be cured in a day or two. A slight negligence can prove fatal. He said that apart from BK Hospital, other health centers in the district are also being investigated for corona. Apart from this, investigation is also being done by setting up camp.


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