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Rajasthan: The bus coming from Delhi is uncontrolled in Kudi Talab, the courage of Asha Sahyogini Mamta saved 7 lives of Jain society


  • Bus filled with 7 people of Delhi’s Jain society jumped in the bottom
  • Incident of NH-27 Karadia village of Rajasthan
  • Asha Sahyogini of the village, Mamta Bairwa, saved all 7 lives
  • Accident occurred with people going to join Jain Muni’s Dev Lok Gaman in Baran district

Asha Sahyogini works for the health of children and women in the country. But on Monday, a woman Asha Sahyogini set an example in Kota, Rajasthan. Due to his courage, a big accident was averted here. Actually, the mini bus going from Delhi to Baran district of Rajasthan uncontrolled on National Highway No. 27 and jumped into Talai. Meanwhile, 7 people aboard the bus saved the life of the village’s Asha Sahyogini woman Mamta Bairwa. All the occupants of the bus were moderately injured, who have been admitted to Kota District Hospital.

Cattle are coming in the bus
According to the information received, this incident happened in Karadia village in Simlia police station area of ​​Kota district. A road accident occurred at 6 am on Tuesday. It is being told that the mini bus had fallen uncontrollably in the Talai after cattle came in front, which jumped into the Talai of Karadia village on the banks of Kota-Baran NH-27 After this, by breaking the windows of the bus immersed in Talai, the rural woman Asha Sahyogani Mamta Bairwa saved the lives of all the people boarding the bus. Seeing the bus sinking without taking care of her life, the woman jumped out and brought the people out safely. Also saved people’s lives.

People were going to Jain monk’s devlok movement in Baran
According to the information received, the people riding in the bus were going there after the death of Jain sage in Baran. Then suddenly this accident happened. This bus was also included in the convoy of about 200 vehicles. Simlia police station reached the spot and later took the bus out of the crane. People on board the bus have suffered minor injuries. All the people have been sent for treatment to Kota District Hospital for minor injuries. The accident is being reported between 6 am.


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