Rajasthan: Poisoning of poisonous liquor caught in Bharatpur, villagers continue to picket on fourth day


  • Villagers continue to picket after five deaths together by drinking poisonous liquor
  • Demand to ban illegal liquor sale
  • There is a demand to give compensation to the relatives of the dead
  • Administration breaks down illegal liquor factories

The voice of prohibiting illegal liquor sale in the state is now getting louder. Fury prevails in the area after 5 people died due to the drinking of poisonous liquor in the village Sunhara in Kaman tehsil of Bharatpur. The villagers are staging a sit-in at the panchayat headquarters demanding action against illegal liquor and compensation for the kin of the deceased. At the same time, he is constantly adamant on demanding compensation.

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Illegal contract is being operated
Villagers and the families of the victims say that the village liquor contract is still being run illegally in the village. The contractor’s license operates in Shuda contract village Dhilavati, but liquor is being sold illegally in village Sunhara in the name of building a warehouse. After the incident of continuous death, villagers are also questioning the functioning of police and administration here. According to the villagers, due to the complicity of the administration, the liquor contracts being operated in golden are being described as the warehouse of license contracts being operated in Dhilavati, while the liquor sales center has the board of country liquor in big letters and indiscriminately. Alcohol is being sold. According to the rules, godowns can be set up only within one kilometer of the licensing contract’s boundary area, but this contract is being operated at a distance of 5 km from the licensing contract. The villagers say that if this is a warehouse then why is the liquor sale going on.


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Half a dozen deaths
According to the information received, Sohan Singh, Shri Ram, Satish Thakur and Thansingh Bhat and Hukam Singh Jatav have died due to drinking poisonous liquor in Cama’s village Sunhra. Apart from this, Satish Gurjar and Raju Jatav, residents of Uncha village of Barsana police station in adjoining Uttar Pradesh, and Sanjay Jatav of Barsana have also died due to drinking poisonous liquor purchased from the contract of liquor being operated in Sunhara village. Villagers say that the number of deaths due to contractual poisoning is increasing daily. Even after half a dozen deaths, proper action has not been taken yet.



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