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Rajasthan: Humanity shaming! Explosive substance fed to cow after pregnant elephant, case filed


  • A shameful incident occurred in Pali district of Rajasthan
  • Cow seriously injured after being fed explosives
  • Injured cow is undergoing treatment at Jadan Veterinary Hospital
  • Gosevak groups protested, demanding strict action against the culprits

It has been a few months since the incident of animal cruelty in Kerala in the country that another such incident in Rajasthan has shaken the country. The latest case is of Pali district. According to the information received, in a village of the district here, a cow has suffered severe injuries on its mouth after being fed explosives by unknown miscreants. The injured cow is currently undergoing treatment at the Jadan Veterinary Hospital in the district.

Gauputra Sena, Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad got angry
According to a report in India Today, there is a lot of fury among the gousevaks after this incident.
Several Gauswek organizations including Gauputra Sena, Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad have demanded stern action against those responsible. A complaint has also been filed by the Gauputra Army in this matter. Based on this, now the Siriyari Police Station has registered a case against unknown persons. Police is currently investigating the case. Police said they would arrest the suspects soon.

Cases of animal cruelty are continuously coming out from all over the country
It is noteworthy that recently four months ago, there was an incident of giving a cracked pineapple to a pregnant elephant in Kerala by some miscreants. It was reported that Hathini died of severe injuries after chewing on this fruit. The incident sparked widespread nationwide outrage. Similarly, another incident related to animal cruelty was revealed in which a person severely injured a pregnant cow by feeding a wheat flour ball filled with firecrackers in Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh. In Uttar Pradesh, on Tuesday, a person was arrested by the police on the charge of cow slaughter. But these incidents are constantly happening, where humanity is constantly being ashamed, there is no break in them.


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