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Rajasthan: Ex – ARMY man was taking bribe from retired RAS, ACB team caught red handed

Barmer Continually active anti-corruption bureau in the state has now revealed shocking bribery in Barmer, a border area. Here, the ACB has exposed the game of corruption of the administrative officer by carrying out major proceedings. The ACB team from Bikaner and Jaipur at Barmer District Headquarters has succeeded in arresting retired RAS officer Premaram red-handed taking a bribe of Rs 5 lakh. The bribe amount was being taken through Dalal Nazir. At the same time, ACB has also recovered many important documents from the house of Dalal Nazir.

Many locations including Jalore, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, JaipurIt is noteworthy that ACB’s team accused Premaram’s Jalore, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Jaipur and other locations along with other operations are going on simultaneously. According to the information received, a bribe of 5 lakhs was taken through the broker of Jaisalmer after he retired in the Department of Colonies. After receiving the information of ACB, ACB had reached Barmer since yesterday morning. Also, they were constantly monitoring this matter. Late in the night, as soon as the ACB team came to know that Premaram was taking bribe at his house. At the same time, ACB has taken action and arrested him red handed taking a bribe of 5 lakhs.

There was a demand of 20 lakhs for the allocation of land According to the information so far, the ACB team is on the spot. At the same time, action is on at Premaram’s residence. It is being told that a bribe of Rs 20 lakh was demanded for the allotment of land to the ex-servicemen and Pong displaced. Premaram, Additional Commissioner of Upanishads Department, has retired on 31 October. He continued the business of bribery even after his retirement from service. Jaipur and Bikaner ACB have jointly taken action by taking a bribe of Rs 5 lakhs against Dalal Nazir, after taking continuous complaints of corruption to Jaipur ACB. The action has been taken under the leadership of Bikaner Additional Superintendent of Police ACB Rajneesh Punia under the direction of ACB DG BL Soni, ADG Dinesh MN.

Kovid will be presented in court after investigation Let us tell you that since late night Jaipur ACB team was engaged in searching the house of accused Premaram. Now she has also taken the accused Premaram to Dalal Nazir for the Kovid test. Both will be produced in court after the Kovid test.


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