Raina said to Rohit, I still have cricket left

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Suresh Raina has not been part of the Indian cricket team for the past two years, but his desire is to once again wear an Indian jersey. Raina believes that they still have cricket left.

During an Instagram live chat with Team India opener Rohit Sharma, Raina said, ‘I was improving myself. After the knee injury, I was able to get fitness and in the process I also passed the ‘Yo-Yo’ test. I am working hard to return to Team India. Big players always supported me in difficult times. I think cricket is left in me right now.

Rohit also said that Raina should be in the Indian team. He said, ‘We always talk about whether Raina should be brought back into the team but selection is not in our hands. And we can just work hard. ‘


Raina and Rohit also talked about their IPL franchise and their experience working with it. Raina plays for Chennai Super Kings and Rohit Sharma for Mumbai Indians.

Raina said that the major reason behind the success of Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League is the confidence of the players. Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and the coaching staff have been one for a long time. They fully trust their core players. Rohit also praised Chennai and said that you have to be very competitive while playing against such a team.



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