Rahul Vaidya’s old video shows the shadow on the internet, Sridevi appearing emotional and little Janhvi Kapoor seen together

Singer Rahul Vaidya’s popularity has increased since his entry in ‘Bigg Boss 14’. In this show, Rahul Vaidya also expressed his love for Disha Parmar. Videos are often shared with his fans club. One such new video which is in the discussion right now is about his old stage performance and it also stars late actress Sridevi and Janhvi Kapoor. This video from Rahul Vaidya’s fan club has been shared on social media. In the video, Rahul Vaidya is seen singing ‘ShubhanAllah’. Sridevi looked very emotional on the song of Rahul Vaidya. Sridevi is seen with both her daughters Janhvi and Khushi. Janhvi looks very small in this video. Boney Kapoor is seen with his family and Rahul Vaidya playing applause. Recall that Rahul got popularity from ‘Indian Idol’ where he was a second runner-up, but with his voice, he won the hearts of fans across the country. Recently, Rahul Vaidya was in a lot of discussion about the fight with Abhinav Shukla
and Rubina Dilac inside ‘Bigg Boss 14’. Rahul called Abhinav a Nalla during a task and Rubina was called the ‘Queen of Nalasopara’. According to the report, both Rahul Vaidya and Disha’s family are keen on their wedding and are waiting for them to come out of the show so that further preparations and dates can be finalized.

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