Racist insults: Diakhaby is devastated, according to Valencia CF captain

Mouctar Diakhaby, FC Valencia defender, denounced alleged racist insults addressed by an opponent on Sunday during the match in Cadiz. The French defender is shot down according to his captain José Luis Gayà.

A deplorable episode of racism upset the meeting between Cadiz and Valencia on Sunday. Mouctar Diakhaby, French defender from Valencia, denounced racist insults allegedly held by Juan Torres Ruiz, said Cala. The latter would have said the words “negro de mierda” (black shit) in the direction of the former Lyonnais, who immediately alerted the referee and his teammates.

In solidarity, the latter then left the field. They returned there 15 minutes later with Diakhaby’s agreement. But the latter did not resume. He was replaced by Hugo Guilamon. According to his captain, José Luis Gayà, the French player was too devastated by this episode.

“With him until death”

“Diakhaby told us that he (Cala) had insulted him, with a racist insult, explained Valencia left-back. We condemned this, we were going to follow the player, but they told us we had to take back , otherwise we were going to lose the three points and more. Diakhaby told us to go back and we went because he allowed us. He told us on we were going to lose the three points otherwise. “

“Above all, we went out because Diakhaby asked us to come out, he clarifies. He is devastated, because they gave him a very ugly insult, which I will not say, and we are with him. until death. If Diakhaby was at this point, he must have told him something. I didn’t see Cala because he went out. “

Cala, author of his team’s first goal, was finally replaced at half-time by Marcos Mauro. “The Spanish Federation has published the report of referee Medié Jiménez.” Mouctar Diakhaby, once warned for dispute, told me : ‘He called me “negro de mierda” (“shit nigger”) “, referring to Cadiz n ° 16, Juan Torres Ruiz (aka Cala). This fact was not perceived by any member of the body arbitral. “


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