Racist insults denounced by Diakhaby: what happened during Cadiz-Valence

The Cadiz-Valence match was interrupted this Sunday, after Mouctar Diakhaby denounced racist insults from an opponent. The Frenchman, who received the support of his club in a statement, asked his teammates to resume the game.

Denouncing racist insults against him from an opponent, Mouctar Diakhaby left the field in the middle of a match, this Sunday in La Liga, while we were playing the 29th minute between Valencia and Cadiz. The Frenchman then urged his teammates to resume the match, some twenty minutes later, but himself asked to be replaced.

Communicated by the Spanish federation after the match, the report of the referee of the meeting, Medié Jiménez, allows to see more clearly on the incident. “Mouctar Diakhaby, once warned for contestation, said to me: ‘He called me’ negro de mierda ‘(” shit nigger “)”, in reference to Cadiz n ° 16, Juan Torres Ruiz (aka Cala). This fact was not perceived by any member of the refereeing body. “

Diakhaby asked his teammates to resume

The referee also spoke of the process leading to the resumption of the match, which did not take place after relatively similar incidents at PSG-Basaksehir in December. “After a few moments, Valencia decided to give up the pitch, writes the referee. For this reason, the match was temporarily suspended. […] After a few minutes of suspension, the delegate from Valencia informed us that they had decided to replace Mouctar Diakhaby and resume the match. “

“The spirit of football and sport has lost”

Later in the evening, Valencia lent their support to their player, via an official statement. “Mouctar Diakhaby is today another victim of racism in football. After suffering an intolerable racist insult, he was again given a yellow card for protesting. We are proud of the support Diakhaby received from his teammates and we hope that this event will be the subject of an investigation “, writes the Spanish club, which confirms that it is Diakhaby who” asked his team-mates to return on the ground “, after being informed by the referee of the” consequences potential “of non-resumption of the meeting. “Today, the respect and the spirit of football and sport have lost,” the club concludes.

Asked about the incident at a press conference, Javier Gracia confirmed the official account. “The player was very nervous,” said the Valencian coach. We chose to go to the locker room and were informed that if we did not come back we would be penalized. We asked Diakhaby how he was and he told us that ‘he didn’t feel like playing, but he understood that we had to get back on the pitch, with the intention of getting a win, and some extra motivation. “

Cadiz player denies the facts

For his part, Alvaro Cervera, the coach of Cadiz, explained that Cala, the offending player, had denied the facts and that he “had to believe it”. The striker returned to the pitch with the other players in the match, before being replaced at half-time. “I told him I feared the worst, but he asked me to leave him until the break. Later at half-time we spoke again and he insisted he didn’t. hadn’t insulted. But I saw him affected by everything that was going on, and he already had a box, so I took him out. “


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