PUBG Mobile India Launch and update: good news for Pubg mobile users, know here

PUBG Mobile Launch in India: With the Indian version of PUBG (PUBG Indian Version) once again, a lot of craze and trend is starting on social media. PUBG influencers and PUBG players believe that PUBG Mobile India is going to be launched this month January 2021.

Some users are also claiming that the game will be released today. By the way, PUBG fans have been waiting for the launch of PUBG Mobile India for the last 3 months. With this, the news that is coming on social media now, the craze is increasing day by day.

PUBG Mobile India Update

According to the information, it is also believed that the new trailer of PUBG Corporation’s Indian version can be out soon. Also, some popular PUBG content creators of India will also be seen in this trailer.

It is being said that the shooting of the trailer has been completed. It is yet to be released. At the same time, such reports are coming out that not only the trailer of PUBG Mobile India but the game itself can be launched.

However, in a YouTube video, it was also claimed that PUBG would be launched in India from January 15 to January 19.

Much similar news was coming out for the last several months. But, this time the players are looking very much excited. It can happen that soon users can get good news about PUBG Mobile India.

However, no official information has been revealed about this yet. Neither PUBG Corporation has said anything on this nor has any update come from the Indian Government.

The game will not be launched in India until the government does not give a green signal to launch this game. But, the news of relief may soon come to PUBG Mobile India.

Although PUBG Corporation had also launched its trailers earlier, no result of them has been revealed yet. With this, a firm by the name of PUBG Mobile India was also registered.

The Indian government had dismissed all rumors about the launch of the game. According to the news, these permits are still on hold by the government.

It is believed that there has been no discussion between pubg corporation and the MINISTRY of INFORMATION AND TECHNOLOGY about pubg mobile India.

This proves that the users who are claiming that the game can be launched today or this month, then no information has been revealed about it.

PUBG Mobile India may or may not be launched this month but, on January 26, 2021, the Made in India game FAUG will be released officially. Many news about faug was coming out from a few months.

Sometimes it is making headlines with its teaser and trailer and sometimes with PUBG VS FAUG. A lot of users also believe that due to the launch of faug, the launch of PUBG is being postponed.

As everyone knows, Pubg was banned in India due to data security and safety. And till these things are not fixed, then PUBG’s return to India is difficult.


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