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PUBG Mobile: 6 crores gaming competition from PUBG? here you can download PUBG Mobile

You’ve read the news that Pabjee will be back in India. The latest news is that it is announcing a prize of Rs 6 crore for competition among gamers.

Rs.6 crores earmarked for @TSMentGHATAK Twitter handle, PubJee Tournament. Wondering? Each team will get at least Rs 40,000 to Rs 2 lakh. It is going to be a prize pool and is growing every season.

The new era of e-sports has begun. It’s been said that this is the perfect time for you to see a hand in e-sports. There’s been a lot of talk about this tweet on social media.



However, PUBG has not made any official statement on the matter. This is just information that is being debated on social networking sites.

According to Inside Sport, India Pre-Registration is now available for Android and iOS for select users who are part of the Tap Tap game sharing community. More than 300,000 users have already registered in the App. It is currently rated 9.8 / 10. 

However, as with FAU-G, no official announcement has been made from PUBG Corporation. The news has therefore caused much confusion among gamers. 

PUBG Game in India again

This is good news for PUBG game lovers. The government of India has also banned PUBG gaming along with some Chinese apps. This made it impossible to play PUBG online games in India. Now PUBG is returning to India with a focus on Indian users. 

PubG Mobile India is officially launched in India. Pubji’s new version is called PubG Mobile India and the word ‘India’ comprises many things. The previous version did not have the word in its name. This led to a situation where it would be banned. 

According to PUBG Corporation, the new version is designed for Indian users. You can fully customize the characters in the new version. While users don’t know when the game will be available, the company says it will be available soon.

Consumer health was also the main reason for the PUBG ban. Now, PUBG Corporation is trying to solve that problem. Game time is fixed in the PUBG Mobile India Game App. That is, you can’t play PUBG Game with no time limit. The company believes that this restriction is being implemented to promote healthy gameplay among younger users. 

PUBG is trying to get back to India with two restrictions on maintaining Indian user data in India and protecting users’ health. It is not yet known whether the Government of India will approve these two issues or will continue the ban.

This Indian subsidiary will employ 100 people who specialize in business, e-sports, and game design. PUBG Corporation plans to alleviate fears of government and foreign manpower users. 

This move is also beneficial for PubG Corporation. This is because PUBG’s move will create jobs in the country. India’s app ecosystem is undergoing major changes, especially as a result of the setback against Chinese applications. 

As such, PUBG is trying to reach Indian users with its new incarnation. However, it remains to be seen how the government will respond to it. 

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