PSG: Wanda Icardi responds to the controversy over the photo published by Mauro Icardi

Wanda Icardi has stood up for her husband, Mauro, after a very tasteless post about her was posted on Instagram this week. She regrets a translation error.

Wanda Icardi flies to the aid of her husband Mauro, PSG striker. The Argentina international caused a great controversy this week by posting a message in very bad taste on his Instagram account. The former Inter Milan player crudely captioned a photo where he poses next to his wife and dog: “my dog ​​and my bitch” (mi perro y mi perra in Spanish). Wanda Nara, her maiden name, had also responded to this post with a smile and a dubious message: “How funny …”.

A few days later, she took offense at the extent of her husband’s message by denouncing a translation error, during a question-and-answer session with her followers.

“He loves animals very much”

“He writes in Spanish and is not responsible for translations into other languages, she said. Never – for a person like Mauro – dog / bitch will be an insult because he loves animals so much. Some very ridiculous people. “

Wanda Icardi's response to her husband's controversial message
Wanda Icardi’s response to her husband’s controversial message © Capture

The post did not make Instagram laugh, which deleted it on suspicion of “harassment.” It also amused the Parisian player, who shared the news with a “laughing out loud” emoji.

Instagram deleted Icardi's post
Instagram deleted Icardi’s post © Capture

Very followed (7.5 million subscribers) and active on Instagram, where she posts many photos of herself but also of her children, Wanda Icardi was the subject of a complaint in Italy last summer. A consumer association had accused the TV presenter of having asked one of her children to photograph her in undress in a position deemed inappropriate.

The Icardi couple regularly caused grinding of teeth on the side of Inter Milan, among the leaders but also the supporters, who had taken a grip on him because of the poor performance of the striker and the demands made by his wife ( which manages its interests) with the club. The story ended in 2019 with a loan with a purchase option, raised by PSG a year later against 50 million euros.


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