PSG: Pochettino "hope Mbappé will stay a long time" in Paris

After the difficult victory won by PSG against Saint-Etienne this Sunday in Ligue 1 (3-2), Mauricio Pochettino admitted that he hoped to see Kylian Mbappé stay for a long time in the Paris club. The striker has not yet extended.

Faced with Saint-Etienne (3-2), Kylian Mbappé scored this Sunday a new double which allowed PSG to hardly take three crucial points in the fight for the title in Ligue 1. In his last four games, the striker French has scored five goals and allows the Parisian club to still play on several tables.

However, Kylian Mbappé’s future in Paris is still uncertain, as discussions for an extension are still ongoing with management. Mauricio Pochettino, after the victory against Saint-Etienne, was asked about the subject.

“Pochettino also optimistic for the title

“I am optimistic and as Kylian is the best or one of the best players at Paris-Saint-Germain, I hope he stays with us for a long time,” said the Argentine coach. Kylian Mbappé, 35 goals in all competitions this season, has been a determining factor since the Argentinian coach took office last January.

Mauricio Pochettino also spoke of his general optimism, whether about the future of his striker or concerning the fight for the title: “We are always optimistic. I have a very optimistic staff. I believe that it is necessary to l ‘being in life, he assured. You have to be positive, that’s the most important. I always believe that good things can happen. “


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