PSG: Neymar, "sad" of his package, those who treat him are paid "weeping"

Shortly after the announcement of his package for the knockout stages of the Champions League against Barça, Neymar posted a message on his Instagram account. The PSG striker evokes his “immense pain”, and is also saddened by those who, like Pascal Dupraz, accuse him of “crying”.

“The sadness is great, the pain is immense, the crying is continuous”. In a text published on his Instagram account, Neymar publicly reacted to the announcement of his package for the knockout stages of the Champions League between Paris Saint-Germain and FC Barcelona. Injured Wednesday night against Caen in the Coupe de France, number 10 is unavailable for the next four weeks. “Once again, I’m going to stop for a while doing what I love most in life, which is playing football,” he laments.


In his message, which accompanies a photo of him showing him on the ground in Caen, the Brazilian striker says he is “too sad” to “have to listen” to all those who accuse him of being a “crybaby”, a “kid” or even a “spoiled child”, in his words.

“I just want to be happy while playing football”

Pascal Dupraz can feel targeted. After the meeting at the Michel-d’Ornano stadium, the Normans coach accused the PSG star of “crying”. “We would have liked perhaps a penalty on the action of Yago which earned him a yellow card when in my opinion, there is a penalty. But, I’m not going to cry, I’ll leave that to Neymar”, a- he lambasted.


Neymar concluded his Instagram post by writing, still with reference to the critics: “Honestly, it saddens me. I don’t know how long I’m going to be able to take it. I just want to be happy playing football. Nothing more “.


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