PSG: Mbappé wrote his career plan … at 10 years old

In an interview broadcast by RMC Sport, Kylian Mbappé explains that he imagined a career plan at the age of 10, during an exercise at school. The world champion has indeed “written all the course” he wanted to accomplish in the world of football.

Among football fans, who never imagined a career plan during their childhood? Professional footballers have also taken part in this innocent little game, before they even knew they would succeed. This is how Kylian Mbappé imagined, at the age of 10, what his ideal career as a player would be. “Yes it’s true,” said the 22-year-old French striker in an interview broadcast by RMC Sport.

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“It was at school. We were asked what we wanted to do. I think it’s classic, the teachers ask the students what they want to do,” resumes the PSG striker, all smiles.

He kept it at home

“Me (…) it was football. So I wrote all the course I wanted to do in football,” he laughs, before letting it be known that he had “kept to the house “this piece of paper may be premonitory. “Now that I have succeeded, it’s a collector’s anecdote. But at the base, it’s something trivial that every child could achieve if he wants to play football,” he says. he.

At 10 years old, Kylian Mbappé was still at AS Bondy, where he grew up. In his career plan, did he see himself joining Paris Saint-Germain for his first transfer? Did he plan to stay in France, or to go abroad? At a time when discussions for a possible contract extension at PSG remain open, but that a departure this summer is still a plausible hypothesis, the world champion was careful not to reveal what he had planned to the time.


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