PSG-Lille: the return to the locker room very hot between Neymar and Djalo

After LOSC’s 1-0 victory against PSG at the Parc des Princes, Canal + broadcast images showing that the altercation between Neymar and Tiago Djalo, both excluded at the end of the meeting, continued in the locker room tunnel.

The quarrel continued in the tunnel of the Parc des Princes. Both excluded in the extra time of the shock won 1-0 by LOSC against Paris Saint-Germain, this Saturday afternoon as part of the 31st day of Ligue 1, Neymar and Tiago Djalo almost came to blows at their return to the locker room.

According to the images broadcast by Canal +, the two opponents initially quarreled as they left the pitch. Then when their path was to separate in the corridors of the Park, Neymar, quite angry, brought his left hand up to Tiago Djalo’s face.

The gesture raised the tension a notch. He provoked a verbal response from the Lille defender, which it seems still caused the Parisian playmaker to unpin, who then tried to make contact. Without the intervention of the security teams, the two players would undoubtedly have come to blows.

Neymar and Djalo, in Paris on April 3, 2021
Neymar and Djalo, in Paris on April 3, 2021 © Canal +
Neymar and Djalo, in Paris on April 3, 2021
Neymar and Djalo, in Paris on April 3, 2021 © Canal +

The disciplinary committee will decide

The cameras of Canal + then allowed to see that Neymar was significantly calmer after the final whistle. The Brazilian waited for Lille side Reinildo Mandava to greet him and offer him a jersey.

Still, the sequence of the return to the locker room may not please the disciplinary committee. This will have to look at the red card of Neymar, who received a second warning for violently jostling Tiago Djalo (himself clearly excluded for trying to gain time on the action).


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