PSG-Bayern, the film of the Parisian qualification: when Pochettino reframes Flick in the middle of a match

Seeing Hansi Flick fidgeting at the edge of the lawn, it was a firm Mauricio Pochettino who approached to calm the Bayern coach on Tuesday evening, during the qualification of PSG for the semi-finals of the Champions League . Images that you can discover in the film of a historic evening for Parisians, heroic resistance against Munich.

We thought the PSG doomed to undergo German pressure as on the go. And yet, Mauricio Pochettino’s players were able to correct the shooting to reverse the pressure at home. And Bayern Munich folded, without ever breaking. He even rebalanced the accounts, but not obtained what he had come to seek, namely the qualification in the last four.

“Aptitude and attitude” were the key words dictated by coach Mauricio Pochettino to eliminate Bayern Munich and achieve a feat. His players applied the recipe, and from his technical area, where he strove not to let anything shine through his whole being, the Argentinian technician showed the example.

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Pochettino, Zen master

Annoyed by the behavior of his German counterpart Hansi Flick, Mauricio Pochettino kindly approached the coach of Bayern Munich, with a certain charisma, armed with false relaxation, but not without determination, to tell him the bottom of his thoughts: ” Hansi Hansi, you know when I talk to the referee, it would be nice if you didn’t intervene! “

The exchange will be cordial between the two coaches: “Yes, but I too want to speak to the referee”, Flick replied before returning to his place. This calm in the storm is perhaps the biggest milestone that PSG have taken in this double confrontation, with much less panic in difficult times and an unwavering belief in its strengths.

The progress seen in this area is to the credit of the coach, who arrived on January 2. Mauricio Pochettino tried to stay in control of his emotions throughout the meeting. “Inside it was boiling, but I didn’t want to show it,” he said after qualifying. The serenity he exudes does a lot of good for his team and permeates the players.


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