PSG: a banner of supporters "Crush Munich" in front of a symbol of the Resistance

A group of PSG ultras has seen fit to use Mont Valérien and its Memorial to fighter France to start hostilities with Bayern Munich, which the Parisians face this Wednesday in the Champions League, and does not understand the outraged reactions that this may have aroused.

A site to remember the atrocities of war, that’s what Mont Valérien is. And a group of Parisian supporters felt that using it for the purpose of supporting Paris Saint-Germain, which is preparing to challenge a German club, Bayern Munich (Wednesday, in the quarter-finals of the Champions League), was the most judicious idea that there is … Accompanied by the message “Crush Munich”, in addition, in front of the Memorial of fighting France and its cross of Lorraine. Mont Valérien, an emblematic site of the Second World War and the Resistance, where more than 1,000 men were shot. And they assume, despite the outcry caused by their publication.

The banner targeting Shakira, it was already them

“We used this symbol of resistance because at first, we are proud of it. It means a lot to us and trying to turn it around to bring us down is very sad. But that does not surprise us”, reacted the Paname Rebirth group in a press release, before going further in an explanation which is difficult to convince.

“Accompanied by our message, we invite our players to resist against Bayern, the club that deprived us of the Champions League last season (Bayern won 1-0 against PSG in the final of the previous edition) . No more, no less. Know one thing we fully assume “, they conclude. Without expressing the slightest regret, therefore.

The group of ultras Paname Rebirth had already sadly illustrated last March, on the occasion of the round of 16 return against FC Barcelona (1-1), with a sexist banner that targeted the singer Shakira, companion of Gérard Piqué , Catalan club player. “Shakira a la Jonquera”, could one read in reference to the Catalan city known for its trade of prostitution. Alerted, PSG was quick to condemn. What will it be this time?


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