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Priceless ‘treasure’ dropped from the sky, the young man said – not a millionaire, cheated me


  • Indonesia’s coffin maker Josua, who met meteorites, came into the spotlight
  • Hutagalung has said that he has not become a millionaire and has been deceived.
  • Earlier reports said that Joshua received Rs 14 crore in lieu of a meteorite.

Indonesia’s coffinist Josua Hutagalung, who suddenly came into the limelight all over the world after getting a meteorite of 4 and a half billion years, has said that he has not become a millionaire. They have been deceived. Earlier reports had said that Joshua had received about Rs 14 crore in exchange for this meteorite. Josua said that he received only Rs 10 lakh for this meteorite.

Josua said that he had sold this meteorite for a mere 14 thousand dollars or about 1 million. He said that he felt cheated by selling the meteorite at such a low price. Joshua said, “I spent all my money helping my family, helping the poor and building a church.” Now this meteorite has been placed at Arizona State University.

Actually, the figure of Rs 14 crore came when the advertisement was posted for its auction on eBay. Lawrence Garvy, a professor at the University of Arizona, said that such reports have come several times. People get a piece dropped from space and they consider it to be valuable. He said that 80 percent of meteorites are useless.

Large hole in the roof of the house due to meteorite falling
At the time of the meteorite’s fall, Josua was working next to his house in Kolang in northern Sumatra. The weight of the stone falling from this sky is about 2.1 kg. The meteorite collapsed into a large hole in the roof of his house. Not only this, the meteorite fell into the ground 15 cm. Josua said that when he took it off the ground, it was very hot and partially broken.

Josua said that the sound of the meteorite falling was so loud that many parts of his house were shaken. He said, ‘When I saw the roof it was broken. I have full doubt that this stone has definitely fallen from the sky which many people call meteorite. This was because it is almost impossible to throw someone on my roof. Local people said that they heard the sound of a very loud explosion which also rocked their house.


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