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Preparing for Oppo, will launch tablet and laptop next year

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Oppo will now also sell tablets and laptops. It is reported that the company is preparing to launch a laptop and tablet, increasing its product range. The company may launch both its new products next year. There is no information about which of these two gadgets will be launched in next month.

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Nowadays, many brands are launching their Android tablets and in such a situation, Oppo’s entry in this segment can further increase competition. On one hand, companies like Lenovo are focusing on the budget segment, while Samsung and Huawei are launching premium devices. Talking about Xiaomi, the company used to offer tablets earlier, but for the last few years, the company has not launched any new tablet in the market.

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Apple iPad Craze
Speaking of now, Apple’s tablets i.e. iPads are in the market at the moment. The company offers several options in this segment. It will be interesting to see how Oppo competes against Apple with its tablet.

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Details of new product will come soon
Talking about laptops, Oppo’s laptops will compete directly with laptops of Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi. Recently there have been many new entries in the laptop range of these companies. At present, no information has been revealed about Oppo’s laptop. It is believed that in the coming few weeks, information about these upcoming devices can be shared with users.


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