Premier League: a reform project at 18 with the two Scottish giants

According to information from the Sun, the six English clubs which were to participate in the Super League are said to be keen to reform the Premier League. It would notably be a question of reducing the championship to 18 teams, by integrating the two giants of Scotland, Celtic and Rangers.

The reform projects in European football are in the era of time. That of a European Super League, launched on Sunday, did not last more than three days with the withdrawal of the six English clubs who withdrew in the face of popular pressure and threats from various bodies, national and international.

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“It would make sense for everyone”

The big English clubs have been thinking for several months about a reform project for the Premier League. And Celtic and Glasgow Rangers, the two main Scottish clubs, could be candidates to join the English champion. The integration of these two clubs would be perceived as an interesting added value for the television rights, the sponsors but also the supporters.

This project would this time have the agreement of UEFA and Fifa to materialize. “Whether the Super League takes place or not, we all think the Premier League needs to be changed and improved, a source close to the Sun told The Sun. It’s time we opened it up to Rangers and Celtic. It would make sense to everybody.”

18 clubs and play-offs?

In parallel with the possible integration of these two Scottish clubs, Premier League leaders would also study the possibility of organizing play-offs at the end of the season, like what English rugby is organizing.

There would also be a desire to reduce the championship to 18 teams eventually. “We have never shied away from believing that an 18-club championship is the only sensible path to follow, another source told The Sun. This is also what UEFA, Fifa and ECA have been calling for for a long time. . “

If the main English clubs manage to convince the authorities, they should also win their case with the 14 “left behind” during the project of the European Super League, and who did not hesitate to unite for defend the interests of the Premier League.


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