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Pranitha Subhash, the famous heroine of South, was found in the hotel room signing lakhs of deals

Catalysts are also committing massive exploits in search of new avenues in committing scams. Most importantly, it has become common to cheat by believing in the name of celebrities.

It was during this sequence that the incident came to light in which Buridi beat up a big businessman by saying the name of the heroine Praneeth.

Two young men put a hat in the basket with the words of a builder who was looking for a brand ambassador for his company.

A strange incident took place in Bangalore where almost Rs 13.5 lakh was taken from the builder and he fled.

Two people, Mohammad Junayat and Varsha, found out that a big builder was looking for a celebrity to hire a brand ambassador for their company.

The builder was tricked into believing that the heroine Praneeth was in a popular hotel room under the Highgrounds police station in Bangalore and had come there and set up a deal with her.

The two young men who told the builder that the heroine Praneetha had agreed to be the brand ambassador for your company and brought him to the hotel.

He put Rs 13.5 lakh in their hands saying that Praneeth was in the room and that she would sign the agreement papers if you give them money. And then the two of them who went into the room to sign with her jumped out of the attic.

The builder who waited for almost an hour .. called the two and the switch came off. The Gharana scam came to light when he realized that he had been deceived and approached the Bangalore police.

The builder said that Janayat and Varsha were introduced to him by a friend named Prashant and he did not expect them to cheat like this. People are shocked to know the details of this Gharana fraud taluk.

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