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Portugal: "He had weights on his feet to run", the crazy anecdote on the requirement of Cristiano Ronaldo from adolescence


Cristiano Ronaldo remains one of the best players in the world at 36. Efficiency made possible by the incredible level of requirement that the Juventus and Portugal striker has set since adolescence to stay on top.

Cristiano Ronaldo has a fabulous record with five Champions League titles, one Euro success and many national trophies. At 36, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner remains at the top of the football world and continues to shine under the Juventus jersey with 32 goals in 37 appearances this season. Performances made possible by a professionalism taken to the extreme for years by the Portuguese as described by Régis Dupont this Thursday during his appearance in After Foot on RMC.


“When his godfather brings him gifts like electric cars, really great gifts, that doesn’t interest him,” said the author of the book. 101 times Ronaldo on the Lusitanian phenomenon. He’s crying because he wants a ball. He only has football. “

The journalist even unveiled another anecdote that says a lot about the incredible demand of Cristiano Ronaldo. Since his adolescence, the kid from Funchal has always worked hard to improve himself, even if it means passing for a madman.


“Very young, relatively young in his early teens, people in the neighborhood see him running around with things around his ankles and say to themselves, ‘Who is this freak?’ He had weights on his feet to run, the author further explained. He must have been eleven, twelve or thirteen. He always wanted to be stronger. Certainly at first because he was a thin and puny child so he wanted to. gain muscle. But he always wanted to be the best. “

Ronaldo transformed his game after 2008

A huge workload coupled with an ability to adapt which has allowed Cristiano Ronaldo to evolve his game and stay at the top of world football for more than ten years.


“At the start he is a dribbler who is even very very annoying for his teammates because he never spins the ball and prefers to show off rather than be efficient, said Régis Dupont. We tell ourselves that this will have a limit. From 2008 when he was Ballon d’Or, he wondered how to be even better. […] Behind it started, he stopped dribbling and only thought about scoring when he arrived at Real. “

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