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Porsche is available for private jet buyers

Embraer Aerospace Group of Brazil has partnered with Porsche. Under this partnership, Embraer will sell its private Phenom 300E limited edition private jets.
Embraer’s private jet is valued at $ 10,992,000. Porsche’s 911 Turbo S is paired with this private jet. The Turbo S is offered with this jet. This price includes a private jet and a car. This 911 Turbo Scar from Porsche fits perfectly with the Phenom 300 E jet business. This car is an expensive special edition car.
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This jet and car duo are named Duet. These are sold in limited numbers. Only 10 units of this duet are sold. They are designed by Embraer’s executive jet design and marketing division and inspired by Porsche’s exclusive manufacturer.
The Duet logo is used on both vehicles. Duet logos can be seen on the inside of both vehicles. Speaking of this special 911 Turbo S, this car sets up a link to this private jet. The new generation Porsche 911 Turbo S is more powerful and comfortable than ever before. The Porsche is powered by a powerful 3.7-liter boxer engine.
This engine produces 631bhp of power. In this partnership, Porsche has launched the Coupe in both gloss and satin-gloss colors. The top of this sports car has a Platinum Silver Metallic color while the bottom is a Jet Gray Metallic color.
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On the sides and sides of the car are trim strips with chrome and speed blue colors. What is special is that all the paintwork of this car has been completed by hand and is done with JetHent Paint.

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