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Poetry in captivity task and Jasmine rich, Kavita said – I have become mother-in-law

Kavita Kaushik and Jasmine Bhasin remained seated inside the box during the captivity task at Bigg Boss house, on which the director Rahul Vaidya also had to ask how long she would be sitting inside the box.

Neither of them is willing to leave. Jasmine and Kavita lash out at each other for showing themselves to be Captains. Makers has released a promo for the upcoming episode of ‘Bigg Boss 14’, in which Rahul is asking Kavita and Jasmine to get out of the box and the two get into an argument.

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The war of words between Jasmine and Kavita

Rahul Vaidya says, ‘How long do you intend to sit?’ Jasmine says on this, ‘Rahul I will not leave. I feel like becoming a captain. To this, Kavita replies, “How to let such a stupid person become a captain, who gets mad on seeing power.” The bus gets closer between Kavita and Jasmine from here. Jasmine replies to the poem, ‘I don’t cry why I came to the show. This is hell. Hearing this, Kavita Kaushik flares up and says to Jasmine, “Jasmine has fallen so far behind me, she has become mother-in-law.”


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Kavita Kaushik became the new captain of the house!
Jasmine does not sit silent on this and a verbal war starts between them. Now who will be the next Captain of Bigg Boss 14, it will be known in the coming episodes only. But it is reported that Bigg Boss orders Rahul Vaidya to choose Kavita and Jasmine as Captain. On this, Rahul chooses Kavita Kaushik as captain, leaving Jasmine.



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