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PM Kisan: These farmers will not get the seventh installment, know why?

The seventh installment of PM Kisan Samman Nidhi will start from the first week of December. On the other hand, the Modi government sent money as the sixth installment in the account of 173861 farmers, but the payment failed. If the installment is not coming in your account, first know the reason for it and remove it from the house so that the seventh installment reaches your account easily. If you did not do this, you will not get the seventh installment.

Remove mistakes from home

If there is no money in your bank account even after the application, then check your record whether there is any mistake in it. For this you do not need to go anywhere, rather you can fix it from your mobile at home, if you have downloaded the PM Kisan app, then it is even easier to rectify mistakes. Let’s know how to fix these mistakes …

  • Go to the official website of PM-Kisan Scheme (https://pmkisan.gov.in/). Go to its Farmer Corner and click on the Edit Aadhaar Details option.
  • You enter your Aadhaar number here. After this enter a captcha code and submit.
  • If your name is wrong only, ie both the application and your name in Aadhaar are different, then you can fix it online.
  • If there is any other mistake, then contact it in your Lekhpal and Department of Agriculture office

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Reason for payment failure

Explain that despite the fund transfer order being generated, there can be many reasons for the payment to fail. The biggest reason for this is that the name written in the application does not match with Aadhaar or the name is not getting from the bank account. No one has entered the Aadhaar number correctly or made a mistake in the bank’s IFSC code. There has been a large-scale error in the applicants’ names, mobile numbers and bank account numbers.

Explain that under the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme, a total of 11 crore 33 lakh 52 thousand seven hundred three farmers of the country have been registered. Out of these, fund transfer order of 10 crore 48 lakh 31 thousand one hundred and thirty farmers has also been generated, that is, Modi government has given the green signal to send money to their bank accounts, but out of these 13 lakh 78 thousand 727 farmers are like this, In whose account an installment of Rs 2000 has not been reached. The payment made to his account has failed. At the same time, the money of more than four lakh farmers is stuck due to various reasons. This data available on PM Kisan Portal is of the first installment.

Maximum Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and UP cases

state Registered farmer FTO Generate Payment success Payment fail

Payment Response Painting

Uttar Pradesh 26,803,630 21,672,403 21,595,728 76,644 31
Maharashtra 11,221,841 11,026,055 10,617,732 68,823 339,500
Madhya Pradesh 8,397,835 8,155,189 8,009,213 52,226 93,750
Bihar 7,843,296 7,851,893 7,597,071 52,016 202,806
Statehood 7,286,496 7,017,803 6,899,122 27,386 91,295
Gujarat 6,111,674 5,577,042 5,505,839 26,189 45,014
Karnataka 5,582,225 5,256,244 5,220,975 25,351 9,918
Jarakhand 2,836,509 2,350,401 2,285,252 23,248 41,901
Andra Pradesh 5,764,946 4,628,467 4,606,729 21,380 358
Odisha 4,048,980 2,097,651 2,058,927 15,748 22,976

Source: https://pmkisan.gov.in/

According to the data available on the PM Kisan Portal, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and UP have the most cases of payment failure. Explain that the second reason for the account being invalid was the temporary withholding or the account number given was not present in the bank. It could also be that the bank was not registered in the PFMS i.e. public finance management system. One reason for not getting the installment could also be that Aadhaar seeding has not been done in the National Payment Corporation of India.


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