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PlayStation 5: this is how the PS5 control works from the inside

If you had or not the doubt of how the triggers of the new control of the PlayStation 5 work, then here we tell you.
The PlayStation 5 is released this month and it is thanks to that that some people have already managed to analyze the controls of this console inside and out, and believe me, it is a really impressive control.

More than a pretty face

Let’s be honest, every time Sony releases a console, nobody cares at all about drastic changes to their controls; so much so that for a long time it had maintained a constant as design, that yes, it had its variations, but nothing special.
And even though the previous controls were always very good (if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it) this new control came to revolutionize Sony by design and functionality .
To begin with, it has adaptive triggers, which become harder or softer depending on the objects you are interacting with within the game. Making grabbing a box, pulling a trigger, or shooting a bow feels different.
This is achieved thanks to a motor that is inside the control, which makes the triggers feel unchanged when it is not working, but when it begins to work thanks to receiving power, that is when the triggers begin to be felt. harder according to what you are playing. The motor moves a small piece in a spiral, which manages to change the angle of the trigger, and therefore, it takes much more work to press it.
In fact, these triggers become so hard that it is almost impossible to press them in some points, but it is not that it is a bad thing, quite the contrary, as this helps to have a better immersion in the game.
Honestly, it is something very interesting that you cannot see very often in other controls. We have previously managed to see HD vibration with Nintendo’s Joy-Con or sensitive triggers with various consoles, but, according to what those who have already played it, it does not feel like anything that has been seen before in the market.

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