Pillow on chest, cork ball, shown in Brisbane, the result of hard work done on the roof in Roorkee


  • Rishabh Pant’s shot selection has been criticized for being restrained in Australia tour
  • Pant used to get his father to play short pitch bowling with a pillow on his chest.
  • Pant used to come to Delhi from Roorkee with his mother, stopping at the gurudwara and then going to practice
  • Coaching from Tarak Sinha in Delhi, Sinha plays dual role of parents and coach

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In Roorkee, Uttarakhand, father Rajinder Pant used to put a pillow on his son Rishabh Pant’s chest and practice it with a cork ball so that Pant’s fear of fast bowlers would be over. Apart from this, Rajinder also used to give him energy powdered milk to increase his son’s strength. His strength was also seen in his unbeaten 89-run innings in Brisbane and also appeared in his game many times before.

Father was not present during Brisbane’s innings
Anyone who has seen the match-winning innings of 89 runs off 138 balls played in Pant’s Brisbane will know that the lessons learned in the small village of Uttarakhand are the main reason behind this innings. Unfortunately, Rishabh’s father was not present in this world to watch the innings of Brisbane. But Rishabh must have thought after playing this innings that the result is a result of practicing on the terrace in those days, carrying two tiffin boxes to save time for practice, and the basic hard work done during that time.

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Extra coaching was available on the terrace
Rajinder had said in 2019, ‘I used to practice him with a cork ball on a roof made of cement at my house in Roorkee, where the ball used to come fast. At that time there was no turf pitch in the city. I used to put a pillow on his chest so that he would not get hurt while playing fast ball. But he was hurt, fractured. He also used to do this so that his heart gets scared. It was extra coaching.

Tarak Sinha got coaching here
Seeing the talent of his son, Rajinder and his wife Saroj decided to send Rishabh to the Dronacharya Award in Delhi for coaching Tarak Sinha. The journey from Roorkee to Delhi was not easy. His mother got up at three in the morning and took a bus to Delhi so that her son could practice at Sinha’s Sonet Club on Saturdays and Sundays. He and his son stayed at a nearby gurudwara so that he could practice on Sundays. After this Rishabh started living in Delhi. When Pant grew up and started living in Delhi, Sinha assumed dual responsibility and also played the role of a parent.

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Coach praised
After Tuesday’s win in Australia, Pant called Sinha on WhatsApp. The coaches were certainly happy and congratulated Rishabh. Sinha said, ‘I am happy that Rishabh played a responsibility and understanding innings. His off side shots have also improved and it was seen today. He started slowly, then played fast, especially when Australia had taken the second new ball. His temperament is also good now. It seems to me that the Australian team is afraid of him. ‘

Pant on his way to become a finisher
Pant won the team unbeaten. Sinha said, ‘It was on his mind for a long time – that I have to win the team while I am unbeaten. Some people were criticizing him for not finishing the match. He wants to become a finisher and today he has told that he is on this path.

Break of 90s is illusion
The coach also mentioned his dismissal in the 90s. He said that he comes out in the line of ninety and is unable to complete a century. Pant has been out in ninety three times in Tests. Twice in the West Indies in 2018 and the third against Australia in Sydney this month. However, Rishabh did not get a chance to complete a century on Tuesday.



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