Pierre Perret absent father: the singer quarreled with his children and grandchildren?

This is a scenario that would not have found its place in an episode of the series A Great Family. With a certain sadness and nostalgia, Pierre Perret admits to being relatively isolated. And the current health crisis should not have improved the situation: he no longer has contact with many people. At the beginning of 2019, already, the singer of rhymes evoked his grandchildren, who all “already thirty“, with some distance.”They are scattered all over the place, on the other side of the world, I don’t see them, he regretted in the columns of the magazine Gala. They don’t give me any news … I don’t even know if I have great grandchildren. It doesn’t come from me. But you can’t force them. It is not encouraging.

We took them around the world

They flew away, so far from The Bird Cage. During confinement, Pierre Perret amused the French people by revealing a The Confined, a title a bit teasing for the government. But he never said if he was allowed the slightest visit, or even a little phone call from time to time. Dad of two twins, Anne and Alain, the singer has long regretted having given priority to his career and not to his family, even if it means paying the price later. In full glory, however, he organized himself to be “available during the holidays

“school.”I blocked everything for them, he remembered. We took them around the world. I wanted to open them to other cultures “. Pierre Perret also had a daughter, named Julie, who sadly passed away in July 1995 at the age of 32.

I won’t be who I am without her

In the face of adversity, he can happily count on the one he has loved for almost always. On the one he married nearly sixty years ago, in 1962: Simone Mazaltarim, whom everyone calls Rebecca. A love about which Pierre Perret is full of praise. Never. “I won’t be who I am without her, he marvels at the slightest opportunity. We are a close couple. I’ve always been more and more demanding of myself, and Rebecca has always helped me stay on track. ” No wonder they have, together, found the path that leads straight to happiness …


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