Pierre Ménès suspended "until further notice" by Canal +

According to Le Monde, Pierre Ménès is suspended by Canal + “until further notice”. Accused of sexual assault, the columnist of the Canal Football Club is the subject of an internal investigation.

Accused of sexual assault, Pierre Ménès is deprived of the air “until further notice”. According to Le Monde this Tuesday, the star columnist of Canal + and the Canal Football Club show will not only be absent this weekend. “There is no return date,” indicates the management of the encrypted channel at Le Monde. If Pierre Menès wrote to his management at the beginning of the week not to be present this Sunday during the CFC to “take a rest”, this withdrawal will continue beyond this weekend.

“An in-depth analysis” in progress

Pierre Menès has been in turmoil since the broadcast of the documentary “I am not a slut, I am a journalist”, directed by Marie Portolano and broadcast on Canal +. Former colleague of Pierre Menès at CFC, Marie Portolano had questioned him about sexism in the world of sports journalism. During a sequence cut during the editing, Pierre Ménès was questioned about an episode of 2016 where he had lifted the skirt of Mario Portolano. And he had assured not to remember it. The attitude of Pierre Menès towards Isabelle Moreau and Francesca Antoniotti, whom he had forcibly kissed on the air, was also denounced.

Since his first apologies made the day after the documentary on the pleateau of Touche not at my post on C8, Pierre Ménès posted a message on Twitter on Monday. “I regret without any ambiguity all these gestures of the past which were in no way justified, wrote Menès on her personal account. I have caused pain and embarrassment to friends without ever having intended to do so directly. or indirectly. “

At the request of the Canal + unions, “an in-depth analysis” has been launched to find out whether Pierre Ménès has engaged in reprehensible acts, according to Le Monde. The consultant has already been warned and sanctioned internally in the past according to the daily. Pierre Ménès was excluded last week from the famous football simulation game Fifa, of which he was one of the star commentators.


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