Pierre Ménès settles his accounts with Hervé Mathoux and Nathalie Iannetta

After confirming his departure from Canal +, Pierre Ménès violently attacked Hervé Mathoux, with whom he formed the flagship duo of the Canal Football Club program. He accuses him of not having defended him.

Pierre Ménès and Canal +, it’s over. The consultant confirmed his departure from the encrypted channel on Monday in interviews with AFP and Télé Star. He had been ousted from the air at the end of March following the broadcast on Canal + of the documentary, “I am not a slut, I am a journalist” on sexism in sports writing. Several sequences incriminated him and accused him of sexual assault on journalists.


“When it came to taking out his c…, there was no one left”

“I wanted to leave because it’s been four months that I have suffered a lot, he told Télé Star. My honor has been sullied. I am in depression. I did not see myself working again with people who me. turned their backs at the worst time. I’m too proud, I couldn’t have. “

And Ménès does not hold back the blows by fulminating against Hervé Mathoux, with whom he formed the star duo of the successful program Canal Football Club. “Him, he was there to show off when I was sick (he had undergone a liver and kidney transplant in 2016, editor’s note) but when it was necessary to take out his c…, there was no one left, balance He. And the ‘CFC’, as I experienced it this year with the vagueness around Ligue 1, did not necessarily make me want to continue. “


Iannetta also in her viewfinder

It also pays Nathalie Iannetta, former journalist of Canal +. “She made her pamphlet in ‘Le Monde’, he adds. She clears me without really doing it. I will never forget the phone call she gave me when I found myself in the heart of the reactor. She said to me, ‘Quit, that’s the best thing you have to do.’ That’s the thing that hurt me the most. “


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