Person violated COVID curfew to buy water, sentenced to kill 300 squats, died

Photo Credits ANI

A shocking incident has come to light, where a Philippine man died after hitting 300 squats. According to the family of the deceased, he went out to buy water during the Kovid curfew in the city, as a punishment for which he was forced to perform 300 squats. According to the Philippines news site, Rappler, 28-year-old Darren Manaog Peñaredondo was found on April 1, 2021 while buying drinking water in his village of Cavite, just outside Manila. In General Trias, the guards were arrested. Also read: Shocking! Owner died due to money dispute, air filled with air compressor in laborer’s rectum

In an interview, Peñaredondo’s live-in partner Reichelyn Balce said that Peñaredondo complained about the punishment, known as “pumping”. Bailes said that the Pennaredos and another man, who had been accused of violating the COVID curfew, were forced to do 100 squats, and if they did not do it in sync, they would have to commit 300 squats as a result.

They told me that they were brought to the Plaza Malaban in front of the municipal hall. And then, they were asked to do squats (pumping) 100 times. The guards also said that if they do not do it in the sink, they will have to do it again. He also told that he also stumbled while exercising. Then when he came home at 8 in the morning on Friday. I asked if he was beaten, he just smiled but it was clear that he was in pain. That whole day, he was struggling to walk. He was just crawling on the floor. But I did not take it seriously. Because he said that he has pain in his knee and thigh. Also read: Snake bites another migrant worker in Quarantine Center of Chhattisgarh, dies

When he sought help to urinate, he began having seizures. His face turned purple. His heart stopped beating. I asked my neighbors to give them CPR, after which their heartbeat started to run. Police confirmed that Peñaredondo had been apprehended by the village guards and taken to the General Trias police the same night. The city’s police chief, police lieutenant colonel Marlo Nello Solro, denied the allegations, saying there was no such punishment for those who violated the quarantine.

On 5 April, General Trias Mayor Antonio Ferrer asked the General Trias Police to investigate the matter. Since the news of Piaredondo’s death, Karapatan, a human rights group in the Philippines, has been demanding an immediate investigation into his death. A national lockdown is still continuing in the Philippines as cases of Kovid have already started affecting hospitals in Manila and surrounding areas.

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