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People disappointed with PM Oli in Nepal? Demand to bring back the rising king

In Nepal these days, the common man is suffering the loss of the ongoing infighting in the ruling Communist Party. A faction of the party divided into two factions is headed by Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, while his work is being opposed by party executive chairman Pushp Kamal Dahal. This is the reason that the demand for a king is arising again in Nepal, which has become a democracy by ending 240 years of monarchy 12 years ago.

Are people out of democracy in 12 years?
The monarchy in Nepal came to an end on 28 May 2008. Then the Constituent Assembly, consisting of all the parties, was tasked to form a new constitution of the country. It took seven years for Nepali political parties to draft the constitution. The 2017 elections gave a clear mandate to the then CPN-UML and the Communist alliance of CPN (Maoist parties). Later all these parties together formed a new party called Nepal Communist Party or Communist Party of Nepal. Who is currently ruling the country.

The ruckus in the ruling party started like this
The current Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli returned to power in Nepal for the second time in February 2018. This time he had a clear mandate to rule for the full five years. His power lasted for two and a half years, but after this, the infighting in the party continued. It is said that there was an agreement between Oli and Prachanda to be the Prime Minister for two and a half years. However, Ollie later refused to step down. Not only this, they started running the government on their own without asking the party. For this reason, the dispute between the two leaders increased.

Protesters took to the streets in Kathmandu
The country suffered the most due to the continuing fighting in the ruling party. Meanwhile, the havoc of the Corona virus broke Nepal’s economy, health and employment. Large scale corruption was also seen in the government machinery. This is why pro-monarchical forces in the country again intensified the movement against the government. After holding rallies in different parts of the country, pro-monarchy organizations staged protests in Kathmandu on Monday.

Expert said – Performance will not have much effect
During this period, the agitators shouted the abolition of the federal system and the king to save the country. However, analysts say that such haphazard rallies may bring some momentary benefit to these organizations as public frustration has increased in the minds of the people. But, there is no need to take these performances seriously yet. People will not stand in favor of the monarchy again so soon.

Protests in many cities of Nepal in support of the monarchy
Similar rallies were held in Hetuda, Butwal, Dhangarhi, Nepanagar, Mahendranagar, Bardia, Birjganj, Janakpur, Nawapur, Pokhara, Rauthat and Biratnagar by pro-Rajshahi and pro-Hindutva protestors before holding a huge rally in Kathmandu. Organizations like Rashtriya Shakti Nepal, Goraksha Nepal, Bishwa Hindu Mahasangh, Rashtriya Sarokar Manch, Shiv Sena Nepal, Bir Gorkhali and Motherland Samarsata Nepal have been at the forefront of these rallies.

Organizations gathering support for monarchy in Nepal
According to Keshar Bahadur Bista, president of the National Power Nepal, which coordinated Monday’s rally in Kathmandu, he has three major agendas – the establishment of a constitutional monarchy, restoring Nepal as a Hindu nation, and ending federalism, as it Divides the people and puts the nation in danger. Bista said that it has become difficult for common people to escape, the country is in crisis. But, the leaders are looting the state.


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