Panasonic created special vacuum cleaners to pick up fallen AirPods

Panasonic created special vacuum cleaners to pick up fallen AirPods in hard-to-reach places like train tracks.

At 78 train stations in Japan, 950 incidents with AirPods dropped on the tracks were recorded. People have tried to launch to collect them: a real danger. But Panasonic has the solution.

The company created special vacuum cleaners to collect fallen AirPods in hard-to-reach places, as explained by Yahoo Japan. The data of the 950 incidents belongs to the months of July and September 2020, according to JR East, a Japanese railway group.

Besides JR West they also use the vacuum cleaner from Panasonic Keio Electric Railway and Tokyu Electric Railway.

This is how the Panasonic vacuum cleaner works to rescue small objects such as AirPods

It is one thing to pick up larger objects, for which there are mechanical grabbers. But what to do with the tiny AirPods, especially if they fall between the stones of the train tracks?

For these tiny headphones, the authorities at JR East have Panasonic vacuum cleaners. These are long-range tubes that suck in objects to rescue them.

Presented by Apple in 2016, after improvements over time each AirPod weighs four grams. Its current dimensions are 16.5 x 18 x 40.5 millimeters.

Although mechanical grippers also work to rescue AirPods, the time to do so is greater than with vacuum cleaners.


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