Pakistan: PM Imran Khan replied to the letter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying the talk of peace with India, this rant about Jammu and Kashmir

PM Modi and Imran Khan (Photo Credits: Facebook)

new Delhi: There is definitely talk between India and Pakistan about the nefarious act of Pakistan. But India always wants peace and brotherhood with Pakistan. This is the reason why PM Modi sent a letter congratulating Pakistan on National Day. In the letter, there was talk of harmony and brotherhood from the Prime Minister. At the same time, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan (PM Imran Khan) has replied to PM Modi’s letter on Tuesday.

In a letter sent by PM Imran Khan, PM Modi has been thanked for the greeting message. With this, the letter has once again given the melody of Jammu and Kashmir. It was also written in the letter from Imran Khan that the people of Pakistan want a peaceful relationship with all neighbors including India. Also read: Pakistan National Day 2021: PM Modi wishes Imran Khan on the occasion of Pakistan National Day, expresses hope for a cordial relationship- Reports

In fact, on the occasion of Pakistan National Day, on March 23, PM Modi wrote a letter to Imran Khan and gave his best wishes. At the same time, PM Modi has also given advice to Pakistan to leave the path of terrorism, PM Modi further wrote that India wishes for a harmonious relationship with Pakistan. For this, the elimination of mutual trust and terror is necessary. He wrote that the Corona period is extremely difficult for humanity. I wish you and the people of Pakistan to brave this challenge bravely

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