Pacquiao defends Asian community after spate of attacks in US

While attacks against the Asian community have increased in recent weeks in the United States, Manny Pacquiao launched an appeal on his Instagram account and denounced this violence.

Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao strongly condemns the attacks against the Asian community which have multiplied in recent weeks in the United States. Targeted and racist attacks, against a background of anti-Chinese sentiment, which have seen a sharp increase in the context of the health context, while China has been the target of diplomatic concerns vis-à-vis the coronavirus since the start of the pandemic .

“Fight me instead”

On March 18, in Atlanta, an armed man murdered eight people, including six Asians, in massage parlors belonging to the Asian American community. On Wednesday, in New York, a 65-year-old woman of Filipino descent like Manny Pacquiao was also attacked by a man also hurling racist slurs at her.

The 42-year-old boxer took the floor to call for an end to these attacks against the Asian community. “Fight me instead,” Manny Pacquiao posted on Instagram, in a post that could be translated as “come fight me instead”. “Stop attacking Asians who cannot defend themselves. Our blood is one color, writes the one who has been world champion in four different decades. Stop discriminating. Love and peace for everyone.”

The boxer’s message is available in several languages, namely English, Tagalog, Chinese and Korean. Other athletes, such as NBA player Jeremy Lin or NFL player Younghhoe Koo, have also lent their support to the Asian community. Last February, the Philippine Embassy in the United States issued a warning to its community, warning them of the escalation of violence against them.


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