OVH denies the accusations of Jean-Michel Blanquer on the crash of distance school services

Did Jean-Michel Blanquer wrongly accuse OVH? The Minister of Education assured yesterday that the technical bugs of certain tools for teaching at home were due to the leader of the French cloud. The CEO of OVH, Michel Paulin, denied these comments on Twitter.

The Strasbourg fire has no connection

ENTs are Digital Work Spaces on which students from all over France connect to consult teachers’ instructions and use applications such as multimedia notebooks.
They remained inaccessible yesterday, on the first day that schools were closed.

“They depend on an operator [OVHCloud] which had a fire in Strasbourg some time ago which could not cope with the influx of connections this morning ”, explained Jean-Michel Blanquer.

Also to discover in video:

According to Michel Paulin, not only is the fire unrelated to these incidents, but in addition the regions affected by these dysfunctions are not hosted by OVH. Finally, he rejects any responsibility for these bugs. Jean-Michel Blanquer will therefore have to review his copy …


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