Orange and SFR go head-to-head by launching their first Wi-Fi 6 repeater

Orange and SFR * are waging a small war this week to launch their first Wi-Fi 6 repeater, the latest generation of Wi-Fi, pending its evolution, Wi-FI 6E, which will arrive very soon.
Orange is marketing its on April 8, while SFR announced it yesterday for a launch on April 13. They are both dual band (2.4GHz 2×2, 5GHz 4×4), feature two Gigabit Ethernet ports, and designed to operate in a mesh network.

A repeater that replaces the Wi-Fi of the boxes for Orange

The particularity of Orange is that it does not yet have a Wi-Fi 6 compatible Livebox. However, this new repeater will make it possible to replace it. Its users will be able to benefit from a Wi-Fi 6 network without changing box and by connecting all their devices to the repeater’s Wi-Fi. All you have to do is connect the Wi-Fi 6 repeater to Ethernet. The TV decoder can also be connected to the repeater via Wi-Fi, but only for TV 4 and UHD models.

The Wi-Fi repeater 6.

This repeater is made available free of charge on request via the site for Livebox Fiber and xDSL (ADSL, VDSL) Up / Livebox Jet, Open Up / Open Jet customers. It only works with Livebox 4 and 5, the last two Orange boxes.

Note that there is an activation fee of 10 euros and that penalties are foreseen in the event of non-return of the equipment or of its degradation, because it remains the property of Orange.
For those who already had a Wi-Fi 5 repeater, it is possible to request a replacement. For any additional copy, in the case of a mesh installation, in particular, the repeater becomes chargeable at the rate of 89 euros.

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A repeater only for SFR Box8 customers

SFR was the first to launch a Wi-Fi 6 box on the market in France with the SFR Box 8, as of July 2019. A suitable repeater was planned but was slow to be released, so here is the Smart WIFI, from SFR. This equipment is offered as an option and rented at 3 euros per month per repeater. There is no commitment.


The equipment is controlled via the SFR & Moi application. SFR announces a theoretical cumulative bandwidth of 5.4 Gbits / s. He specifies that the Box will remain the central point of the network initially and that each repeater will itself become a connection point during a later development.

* The Indian is published by a subsidiary of NextRadioTV, itself owned by SFR Médias


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