On the momentum of the Superleague, Gündogan criticizes the new formula of the Champions League: "Nobody thinks about the players?"

The information went somewhat unnoticed on Monday due to the announcement of the creation of the Superleague (which was followed two days later by its shutdown), but the Champions League will have a new formula from the 2024-2025 season. A way for UEFA to increase the number of big matches and therefore the income that goes with it because the group stage will disappear to make way for a kind of single pool of 36 teams, each team playing ten matches.

After these ten matches, the best teams (from 1st to 8th place) will qualify for the knockout stages while the teams classified from 9th to 24th place will compete in a play-off. From the eighth, the format remains the same as what we currently know.

But this new format of the cup with the big ears does not appeal to everyone. On the impetus of the protest movement vis-à-vis the Superleague, Ilkay Gündogan took the opportunity to also criticize this formula, put in place by UEFA: “With everything going on around the Superleague right now … can we also go back to the new Champions League format? More and more matches, nobody is thinking about the players? The new League format des Champions is only a lesser evil in comparison with the Superleague “

, starts the Manchester City player on Twitter, “The current Champions League format works very well and that is why it is the most popular competition in the world, for us players, but also for the fans.”

The Superleague has not lived long but will at least have had the merit of making players and supporters aware that they can make a difference to ensure the best possible future for football.


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