OM: Sampaoli wants to keep Thauvin and Kamara

Present at a press conference on the eve of facing the Stade de Reims, Jorge Sampaoli reaffirmed his desire to keep Florian Thauvin, at the end of his contract at the end of the season, and Boubacar Kamara. The Argentine, however, considered that these files were not in his hands.

Still in the race for a European ticket, Olympique de Marseille must also manage two big files in parallel with the cases of Florian Thauvin and Boubacar Kamara. The first will see his contract expire next June and has still not extended with OM.

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At a press conference on the eve of the trip to Stade de Reims, Jorge Sampaoli reaffirmed his wish to be able to count on Florian Thauvin next season. The Argentine technician hopes to keep the Frenchman but recognizes that he is not the only decision maker.

“Flo (Thauvin) is coming out of a somewhat difficult year, he suffered a fairly serious injury which meant that he played little. We hope that he will continue with the project. After that, the decision will be made between the club and its agent but from a purely sporting point of view, we hope that he can continue with us. “

Boubacar Kamara, “great potential for the club”

Asked about the future of Boubacar Kamara, linked to the Olympian club until June 2022, Jorge Sampaoli also reiterated his desire to be able to rely on the young midfielder he describes as “a great potential for the club”. But then again, it’s not just up to him.

“There are different positions, different points of view in football. There is the point of view of the coach who wants the best players available. There is the point of view of the club, who must manage the contracts. players. And the point of view of the player who wants to know his situation for the next season. For my part, I hope to keep Boubacar Kamara who is a big potential, here for the club. But I do not think I have the total power on that for the reasons just mentioned. “

Boubacar Kamara accompanied Jorge Sampaoli in a press conference and put more emphasis on “the sporting project” to convince him to extend the adventure in Marseille: “I would like to finish the season, there are five games left. Then ask myself this summer and think for the future. What can convince me to stay? It’s more the sports project, I’ve been in pro for four years, I have lived a bit here. The sports project will make me take my decision. I stay focused on the remaining games, we will all sit down and think. “

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