OM: McCourt will travel to Marseille to meet supporters

In addition to appointing Jorge Sampaoli on the OM bench and promoting Pablo Longoria to the post of chairman of the board, Frank McCourt sent a message to Marseille supporters on Friday. He will go to Marseille to meet supporters and elected officials.

He takes things in hand. In a press release published this Friday, the American owner of OM Frank McCourt announced three major decisions: the arrival on the bench of Argentine technician Jorge Sampaoli, the departure of the presidency of Jacques-Henri Eyraud and the appointment of Pablo Longoria as Chairman of the Management Board. He said he will be traveling to Marseille this week to meet with fans and leaders of OM’s historic supporters groups “to discuss his long-term plans for the club”. He also intends to meet with business leaders, elected officials and representatives of public authorities, along with members of the club’s new management team.

“The soul of Marseille seduced me when I bought the club. This spirit has suffered from the distance that the Covid has imposed between the fans, of which I am a part, and the field. I want to thank the authorities who facilitate my arrival in France. I arrive in Marseille, and I look forward to making my vision of the future known directly to supporters, especially with regard to development and investment projects for the next generations “, McCourt details.

“In 2016, we launched an ambitious project to bring this club back to the top of French and European football and this commitment is still intact. Rest assured that my commitment to OM and the Marseillais is absolute, and I ask all our supporters to unite and support us at the time of opening this new great chapter, “he insists.

A hand extended to supporters

Statements that sound like an outstretched hand while OM have been in conflict with their supporters for several weeks. A crisis illustrated by the serious incidents that occurred at the Commanderie on January 30. About 300 Marseille supporters gathered in front of the Commanderie gates, before lighting firecrackers, fireworks and other smoke. Some had managed to enter the enclosure of the center and damage had taken place. Two weeks later, OM announced its intention to launch at the beginning of March a “major consultation” with “all the supporters of the club” called “Agora OM” to “redefine supporterism together”.

Except that in parallel with this project, the general manager of the Marseille club Hugues Ouvrard had sent a letter to all the groups of supporters to warn them that he was considering “ending the agreement on subscriptions” which binds the club and these associations. A threat of rupture which reinforced the annoyance of the supporters.


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